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Our Beauty


We are all just different kinds of beautiful. When we believe we are beautiful, that is when we truly shine. Our amazing job is to add to that confidence that ignites your own amazing beauty, both inside and out.

It is our honor and joy to contribute to our clients in this unique way and we’d love to share it with you through the beauty services we provide.




Mehrafza Gholipouri

My name is Mehrafza, a licensed Aesthetician. I am a Specialist and I received my training from Institute of Aesthetics. I am serious about Skincare! I decided a few years back to create a clinic that would provide a private and professional atmosphere, where I could share my knowledge of skin and be able to provide services that would benefit anyone looking to achieve better skin.

I do not have a magic wand and I do not buy into the marketing schemes. What I do offer are truths, along with product knowledge and individualized regimens that have been proven to have amazing results. I believe in what I do and I know without a doubt, this is what I am meant to be doing. In Fine Skin Care, I have a little sign… It reads

Invest in Yourself… You are Worth it!!!

I build relationships, not just clients. I take the time to get to know your skin. I evaluate your progress and adjust your regimen accordingly. This allows me to focus my skills and knowledge on services I know will produce results.

Real Talk

Client Reviews

Mehrafza is professional, knowledgeable and caring. She looks after her clients like her own family. She never offers you what you don’t need and even if you go to her and ask for a service which is not best for you she will take time to educate you and let you know “Why” you don’t need it and what’s best for you at this time. If you are looking for Laser hair removal- HIFU- skincare- skin tag removal- eyelash lift and many more services that she is providing, just book her, she is just nothing but best!

Naz Yeganeh

Mehrafza is such an amazing professional. It was my first skin care routine after a long time and it was beyond my expectation. Skin feels great and I feel more confident already. Would definitely visit again and will recommend my friends as love love this.

Anu Jamwal

Mehrafza is a professional who produces fast top-quality service at a great price. She is personable and friendly yet still professional. I will never go anywhere else for laser services.

Yousra Bader

Mehrafza is very professional and very knowledgeable about what she does! I expressed my concerns going in for laser hair removal and she made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. Would 100% recommend!

Lakisha Ledchumanan

Mehrafza is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and meticulous with her facials. I have had hydrafacials before but hers was beyond what I expected. You can tell she loves what she does. My skin looks amazing and I'm so happy I found her. I can't wait to go back and try some other treatments.

Elana Muttart


How do I know which skin care treatment is best for me?

The best way to determine which skin care treatment is best for you is to schedule a consultation with us. We will assess your skin type and conditions, discuss your concerns and goals, and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Can you help me assess my skin and what treatment(s) and/or products I need?

Yes, as an medical esthetician, I can perform a thorough skin analysis to assess your skin type and any concerns you may have. Based on the analysis, I can recommend the appropriate treatment(s) and/or products that will be most beneficial for your skin.

Can I get rid of acne scars?

Yes, there are various treatments available to help reduce the appearance of acne scars, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermal fillers, and laser therapy. However, the effectiveness of the treatment will depend on the severity and type of acne scars. It is best to consult with a licensed esthetician or dermatologist to determine the best course of treatment for your specific acne scars.

What is the difference between the various facials?

Facials can vary widely in terms of the products and techniques used. Some facials focus on deep cleansing, while others are designed to address specific concerns like acne, aging, or hyperpigmentation. Some of the most common types of facials include classic facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning.

What type of facial is best for my skin type?

The best facial for your skin type depends on your specific skin concerns and needs. During a consultation, I will assess your skin type and condition, discuss your goals, and recommend the appropriate facial treatment to help you achieve your desired results.

How often should I get a facial?

It is generally recommended to get a facial every 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy skin and address any concerns. However, the frequency of your facials may depend on your skin type, condition, and lifestyle factors. During your consultation, we can determine a schedule that works best for you.

Is it safe to get a facial while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to get a facial while pregnant. However, certain treatments and products may not be suitable during pregnancy, such as chemical peels and some types of exfoliants. I can recommend pregnancy-safe treatments and products that will be safe for both you and your baby.

What can I do to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

There are several treatments and products that can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, including facials with anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamin C and retinoids, as well as treatments like microchanneling and microdermabrasion. It is important to discuss your goals with me during a consultation so we can determine the best course of action for your skin.